“If you listen very hard/The tune will come to you at last”*

Well, I am back from my short sojourn back east in Maryland. It was, of course, super fun and great to spend time with my darling daughter #2, DN and baby Katie.

Here are a few pics–although I didn’t take many and the precious babe was not often a willing subject…

We went to one estate sale and picked up an antique mirror for the new house. Otherwise, we stayed home and yacked and yacked for hours on end. We had Henry Mancini happy hours and ate some delicious food. We took some snowy walks and said hello to the neighborhood dogs. Perfect.

My travels went without a hitch or delay, so I am grateful and relieved. The OM did not burn down the house in my absence and was waiting for me at the airport when I arrived, so I have no complaints.

Thanks be to God.

*Jimmy Page