All we’ve forgotten only visits in dreams*

This week made me feel very old and decidedly dotty. Here’s why. My DP asked me to send her a certain family document, but of course I could not find it. I looked in every drawer, on every shelf and in every closet in my house. The DH even helped me search through our UHaul storage unit. We found nothing. Having eliminated all these possibilities, I reasoned that the elusive document must be in the attic in a storage tub. I was absolutely certain that it was in a BRIGHT BLUE three-ring binder, and I vaguely remembered that the binder must be in a large GREEN plastic tub, in which I store letters and other mementos. Reader, I searched the attic for that green tub but found nothing. Just as I was about to give up, I opened a BLUE tub and found what I was looking for in a DARK RED three-ring binder. Hmmm….

Either I missed that stage of my life or I passed through it without realizing.

Well, I can still drive a car, so today I am off to Williston, Vermont to fetch this pretty little 18th century Chippendale chest that I won last Friday at auction.

No one else wanted it because some foolish soul refinished the three lower drawers and replaced the hardware. The changes are old, though, and I don’t mind them. It has good lines and being quite small will fit nicely into one of our bedrooms.

I’m looking forward to the trip. Although we got a couple inches of snow last night and today’s high will be in the single digits, the road to Vermont winds through mysterious north country towns (who lives in these out of the way places?), and the ice on Lake Champlain makes this ferry passenger feel like Washington crossing the Delaware. Quelle adventure. I’ll listen to music or a book, or just drive and think. If I have time, I’ll stop at a couple of antique stores en route. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: I made it there and back again. It was a cold, blustery day! Here’s the view from the Champlain ferry.

And another of snow blowing over the Hero Island causeway.

The chest turned out to be extremely heavy, but the auction house owner was helpful, and after we took the drawers out, we could move it. The only problem was that we couldn’t put them back in, so I had to fit four drawers into various corners of the car. I had brought a blanket to use as padding but needed more, so ended up using my coat. Good thing the car has heated seats and a good heater! Everything went well if you don’t count running out of windshield wiper fluid (a disaster in winter) or the fact that the tire pressure light came on just after I got to Vermont. The tires looked fine to me, so I put it down to the cold temperature and drove on. The trip was definitely an adventure, but the next time I think about acquiring something that will require a 7 hr. car trip in the depths of winter, I hope someone will talk me out of it!

*Blanco White “Colder Heavens”